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Some valuable experiences of practitioners with our product LECHER ANTENNA.

Mr. Venkatraman, Aalternative therapist,
52, Ist Main, 6th Block, BEL Layout,
Vidyanarayanapura, Bangalore-560 097.

Case no.1. Mr. Anupam sringeri, 28 years old, married youth. He got an appendicitis operation. He can’t even take dilute food after seven days of operation. He used to get vomit after any intake. They gave “trips” in the hospital. The doctors told that there were no any defects in the body condition after taking further tests. They told that it would take ten to fifteen days to become normal. The patient’s father-in-law came to me. I examine with the photograph of the patient through lecher antenna. The body condition is quiet okay. At last I examine the liver with 3.8 and 2.6 wavelength. I came to know that the liver is not functioning well. But in the endoscopies results the liver is okay. Then I treat the liver with the antenna. Within two hours vomiting had stopped. Then the eighth day he took his regular food with appetite. He did not get vomiting. He got discharge on the 9th day. I think it is a miracle I am very much thankful to the master Dr. M.G. Annadurai & to keasav.

Case no.2. Mr. Kamath, Bangalore, who is working in canara bank, while walking his posture will be slightly slanting. He got imbalance due to pain in the hip region. He got an operation in his neck portion. He came to me knowing by Mr. C.T. Manian. I examined him by lecher antenna with the wavelength of growth of cells (2.5) and treated him. He said that is getting improved within two days. Antenna shows that there is carbon imbalance in his body. I asked him to paste a charcoal carbon in his bedroom. It gave him good results.

Case no.3. Here was one retired officer residing in Jaya Nagar. There was no co-ordination in their family. He got ill and admitted in the hospital frequently. He has a B.E., M.C.A. Degree holding son and an unmarried daughter. Son is an unemployed. He tried many Vasthu consultants and failed in his effort. At last he came to me. I checked their house with antenna and rectified the defects. Then his son got job in U.S.A. His health condition recovered to 20% above. There are alliances came to his daughter. Analysis report with antenna: under ground water channel radiation of the house in six-inch breath. It is towards the lay lines intersection like X mark. These two together produced bad radiation and disturbed the house atmosphere. I controlled it by directional elements neutralization with the antenna and the result is positive.

In this letter I mentioned three cases. It is not for my sake. I want to stress that what is the benefit antenna do in the science of earth radiation. The youths should research in the different earth radiation through the antenna. It will be very useful to them. I pray to the almighty for them to grow more and more in this energy treatment. Vanakkam.

Mr. Maria Stanislus, REIKI GRAND MASTER & Alternative therapist,
Plot No.51B, Back of T.N.E.B., Krishna Nagar,
Manapakkam, Chennai. - 600 116

One patient had tumor in throat for long time. This healer with lecher antenna gave treatment through patient’s photograph. Within the matter of ten days he healed the tumor for about sixty percent. Not only this, in some families there may be some misunderstanding and confusions. He identified the problems and rectified them with suitable solutions selected by the lecher antenna. So those families get back the harmony and peace of life in their lifetime.

Mr. M. Venkatesan, Electrical Contractor, Social Servicer
O.No.15, New No.31/1, Rajaji Street, Radha Nagar,
Chrompet, Chennai – 600 044.

His mother who was residing away from 30 kilometers told him in telephone that, that day she was not well. Then Mr. Venkatesan gave Bio-Feed Distance healing with lecher Antenna through his mother’s photograph. Within hours she told him that she was recovering from her illness then.

From                                                                             Phone : 08026660195
Dr. B.Janarthanan                                                        Mobile : 09243407955
2533,Sreyas, 18Th main 80 Feet Road,
Kumaraswamy Layout 2nd Stage,
Bangalore 560078.

Dr. M.G Annnadurai,
10 Gopalakrisna Iyar street,Near Bank od Baroda
Ponday Bazzar ,T.Nagar, CHENNAI 600 017.

Dear Dr. Annadurai,

Sub: Energy Treatment.

I enjoyed the training program conducted by U and Dr. Kesav. It was a wonderful experience and quit easy to understand and memorable.

Today I called up on Dr. Kesav to express my gratitude for give me such useful and powerful instrument to treat people successfully. I will give few examples without making U tiered with a long list.

Charity Begins at home. So my first experience started at home only. My wife had sever ear pain. As Homeoman I normally I would ask her to go in for Mullen oil But this time for change I used the LECHER ANTENNA and started treating her . After 15 minutes my wife said she if fine. Next day also I gave 10minutes treatment and there after no pain and she is happy.

My daughter staying away at Maleswaram,was suffering from fever and sever cold, I treated from my residence and she was cured in 2 days totally without medicine.

My son is staying at USA and I have not visited his house nor he mentioned any detail about his house with the help of the L .Antenna I fixed the direction his house facing.
When told him his house I facing SOUTH he was astonished.

I have given my 3 different experiences. First directly to a person in front of me. Second to a person within Bangalore, third house away from India.

U taught me well I learned it right and I am using it successfully.
Thank U

Yours truly,
Dr. B.Janarthanan (email copy no signature)

From: ananthakrishnan vijaiyalukshimi
Date: Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 6:49 PM
Subject: namaste
To: keasav@gmail.com

Respected sir,

I am Dr.M.A.Vijayalakshmi from OOTY. I am your student for Energy treatment and Flower medicine, bio, pendulum drowsing, teletheraphy.

We are running an organisation in the name of Sivasakthi Divine Centre focusing on Astrology, Numerology, Vasthu and Brain Activation Centre for children from age 4 to 16.

I am very much pleased to give my feed back about the courses I learnt under you and your father Dr.AnnaDurai Avargal.

1. My chitti Mrs.Savithri is staying in Bangalore and she had a knee problem and was not able to sit down. She requested me to do something bcos she has to sit-down for the function of her Bhimaratha shanthi 70th birthday celebration of my chittappa.

I scanned and kept 5 tabs of scarlanthus, ruby gem and R7 colour in teletheraphy box for 9 days and she thanked me for making her sit for 3 hours at the function and now also she is doing better. Her no.09448065956.

2. I Mr. Ramaiah aged 77 came to me for energy treatment and he had severe throat pain.
I scanned him with lecher antenna as per the treatment chart given by you sir.
He had headache, throat pain, nervous weakness, tiredness, knee pain, ear pain and sahasrahara, Vishukthi chakras are not opened.
We treated him
A.  For pain                        ---          4.1 (3minutes alternate days for 5 days)
B. for Nerve                      __         4.15(2 minutes for 2 days)
C.  Thyroid problem            ----         4.9 (3 minutes every day for 10 days)
Kept Raiki symbols Viswa - neck,   Ganges - hip,   and colours Y 17 NE corner wall of his bed room.
Given Bio - medicine no.10, 12.
Now he is escaped from operation. His no. is 9976688850.  

3. Self scanning is done everyday and I am doing scanning Mr.Vijayakumar even if he is out of station.

4. Every day with 3.3 we neutalise the antenna

5. In general for my children counseling I scan the children with lecher antenna and suggest them colours, raiki symbols and flower medicines.

Mostly used flower medicines are
A. scarlanthus
c. walnut
d. chestnutbut
E. rescue remedy - it is working out very well for dull headed students.
Once they start eating properly they are becoming very active.
F. white chestnut
G. crab apple - it reduces over weighted children.

6. One patient named Nelson aged 26 was sleeping for 16 hours and was not able to do anything. I gave him energy treatment with flower medicine with in 20 days he has gone to Coimbatore and start going for job
His no. is 9942636809.


 Lecher antenna, flower medicine training has given us all potential and I can not explain each case bcos i am using lecher antenna every day with critical cases.

Myself and my husband Mr.Vijayakumar are grateful to you for given us a such potential things and apart from general training you even gave us lots of good things like right brain activation, important remedies especially on Saturday giving food to 5 people before we have food to relieve from our karma.

We are life time thankful to you sir.

With warm regards

Vijayalakshmi. (Your student).ooty



D.R.  Jaya Gowri, M.A. (His), M. Phil, Ph.D.,                                                      Date-16-11-2008             
27/6  IInd  Main Road, Chandrasekarapuram,
Ambattur, Chennai – 600 053.
Phone- 29033204/ 9941462987.

For the past Eight years I had a misunderstand with my parents.  I told this to Dr. Suresh, the gave Energy Treatment to me for this problem. For the next day my brother who is English lecturer of Hindu college contacted me and he asked about my health.  The very next week my parents came to me and gave Rs.40, 000/- for my money problem.  After the Energy Treatment the prolonged problem of mine has been solved.  So, I come to know that Energy Treatment is a powerful one.


D. R. Jayagowri



S.C. MANOHAAR,                                                                 Date-25-12-2008.
 No.6/1, D010 Road,
Poompuhar Nagar,
Ambattur, Chennai -600 053.

            I have come across Dr. V. Suresh, who is practice Energy Treatment using Lecher Antenna.

            The Lecher antenna is very much useful in pinpointing the diseases, their causes, whether physical ethereal or karmic and finding out remedies.

            I had immense body pain and arterial block in both my legs when I came to him and using this lecher Antenna he found out the causes for the pain and blocks and started treating me and my pains reduced considerably.

            My daughter had severe headache and after trying out Allopath, which had no effect on her, I brought to her to him.  He used his Lecher Antenna for finding out the reasons for the headache and given treatment through Lecher Antenna, which dramatically cured her head ache.  Such is the effect of Lecher Antenna, which also finding you to which therapy is best suited for the individual.  I wish many more successes to Dr. V. Suresh in his career.




Dr. Charles Nicholas <mrithindjaya@gmail.com>




Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 4:22 AM


Feed Back of Lecher Antenna

Thanks to Dr. Annadurai and Dr. Kesvan who have brought out the benefits and real worth of Lecher Antenna to the public at a much lower cost in order to reach people from all walks of life. An instrument which I feel to be worth in the hands of people in Medical Profession and worth much more in the hands of Healers. In today's world, it is worth having this Antenna to detect anything under the sky and on this Earth. The easy to operate procedures is an added advantage to all. I am happy to mention here that I have healed many people with several diseases and also their environment and today their life is very harmonious.

 Dr. Charles Nicholas Keniel(A.M)
International Reiki Master




Vinodha Cumarie Maheswaran <vinodhamahesh@gmail.com>




Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 4:18 AM


Feed Back of Lecher Antenna

Lecher Antenna is an innovative instrument ever found to measure both physical and subtle bodies and their energies. A handy instrument for healers and to people who work on Building biology correction. In my case I have diagnosed the true nature of so many diseases in patients who have chronic and acute illness. The metaphysical nature of the instrument plays a very important role in detecting and harmonizing the bad energies in a man as well as in the environment.

Among the cases that we have attended, I would like mention a case of an Acupuncture Doctor who was suffering from pain at his right side of the stomach area. Being himself a Doctor, he couldn't diagnose his problem exactly and even after scanning also they were not able to find out the cause of the pain. At this juncture he approached us and we were ale to diagnose the exact cause and healed him in three sitting with Lecher Antenna.

There were many cases like this and we were able to heal them in a very short time miraculously.

I am really thankful to Dr.Annadurai and Dr. Kesavan who implanted such a miraculous instrument in my medical profession as well as in my holistic healing field.

 Dr. Vinodha Cumarie (A.M)


From:  S. Veeramani.   &   V.  Bhuvaneswari,                                                          Date-27-06-2009.
11, Village Street, Tiruvottiyur Market,   Chennai – 600 019.

My wishes to the lovable and respectable Dr. M.G. Annadurai & A. Keasav.

For the past fifteen years I am following therapies & consultation to my family successfully. 

            I had participated in the Energy Treatment training one year before.  But I had not practiced it for the past six months.  I had a toothache severely.  Before going to a doctor I had a thought of using Lecher antenna.  Then all of a sudden I took my antenna and gave treatment with 4.1 frequency saying “Remove the pain”.  Then I got relief within few minutes.  I did not get that tooth ache till now. 

            Then I came to know great effect of Lecher antenna and doing all my works with the guidance of Lecher antenna.  I realized that antenna is useful equipment for my life. 

Some experiences with lecher antenna:

  1. My mother had chest pain often and is suffering a lot.   I have cured her chest pain many times.
  2. My Computer Printer got repaired for the past four days. I asked technician to come and repair the printer.  Before that I got an idea to solve the problem with Lecher Antenna.  I fixed 17.6 frequency in antenna with saying “Remove the problem” for five minutes.  After that when the Technician came and operate the printer is started to work.  This experience gave more confident on Lecher Antenna.
  3. My wife also participated in the Lecher Antenna training & got more experiences. Daily usage of antenna gives us peace of mind, harmony & prosperous in life.
  4. I took tea many times in a day.  So, my body is affected.  I asked with antenna about this.   Antenna answered me to stop taking tea.  Then immediately I stopped the habit.  Now I am alright.  So, I am following the answers of the lecher antenna confidently.

Especially, my family, business, children’s education, health all are improving by using lecher antenna in the day to day life. 

            We are very much grateful to Dr. M. G. Annadurai & A. Keasav.

For giving the great training for our prosperous life.

V. Bhuvaneshwari


From: P. Velmurugan, M.T.M.                                                                                                    Date: 26-06-2009
           D.No.12, Bhagathsingh Nagar,
           Kulamangalam Road,
           Sellur, Madurai-625 003.
Dear Mr. Keasav,

            Good wishes.  I am a vasthu practitioner & I am giving consultation in many places.  To find the negative energies & vasthu defects I am using traditional method & Pendulum Dowsing.  Now I am using lecher antenna with this methods to find the earth energy level (8.0) accurately.  Combined the traditional method with Lecher Antenna I am giving vasthu remedies in many companies & houses successfully.

Thank you. 

P. Velmurugan


From:  Prof. Dr. E. Zakir Hussain, M.A., M.Sc., B.E.M.S., Ph.d.,                                Date: 10-01-2009
            #2, Nehru Nagar, Achirapakkam-603 301. Kanchipuram District.

My wishes to Dr. M.G. Annadurai & A. Keasav.

Lecher Antenna leads   an important role in Alternative therapy.  Its practical knowledge works on not only in Indian traditional, Homoeo, and Electro Homoeo but also in Yoga & Acupuncture treatment.  These two therapies are based on the five elements concept which is activating the major parts of the body to identify the affects & defects of the body with Yin Yang principle.

            Example: In Acupuncture treatment there are two methods like classical & clinical.  In this way, some points are getting stimulated.   It depends upon the experience & skill of the doctor.  So, patients get cured by some particular doctors.  

            Example:  For diabetic patient according to the various type of diabetes related to the six substances of sugar in the body, we can select the acupuncture points for treatment as given below.  : SP-6, ST-36, LIV-3. LIV-13, LI-11, 18, DU-14, 20, GB-21.

            To this patient we can treat with lecher antenna.   First we should check cosmic (12.0), telluric (8.0) & seven aadhara chakras (15.3).  If there is any block we can come to know that the parts related to the aadhara chakra is being affected.  Then we can select the correct Acupuncture points (Liv-13, 3) and treat with antenna in 15.3 frequencies.  At the treatment time mass should be in the right hand of the patient.   We can open the blocked point with 15.3 frequency in Lecher antenna.

            In this method we can select the correct herbals & Yoga for diabetes patient and cure it.

            In alternative therapy we can select the correct therapy for treatment. 

            Combining the lecher antenna with the other alternative method we can cure the patient in seven days instead of thirty days.

            In acute diseases we can see directly the patients getting relief within few minutes in free Medical camps.

            Dr. M.G. Annadurai & A. Keasav are doing a great service to the mankind by giving lecher antenna training.


Prof. Dr. E. Zakir Hussain


From:  P. G. Rajendran,                                                                                                                Date: 10-07-2009
             No.7, Round Road, Dindigul-624003.
             Cell- 9380422315.
Sub.:  Lecher Antenna’s part in Vasthu.


I experienced with Lecher Antenna using in Vasthu & Flower therapy through your Pendulum Dowsing & Teletherapy book.  We can check the percentage of positive energy    in every room.   I earned about Rs.10, 000/- per month with using Lecher antenna & Flower therapy by reading your books.  So, my grateful thanks for you,

Vazhga Valamudan,

Yours truly

P. G. Rajendran.


From:  Dr. R. Ramaswamy,     RMP, IBAM, M.D., ND,                                                             Date: 09-07-2009
             PUDUSSERY .P.O. PALLAKKAD-678 623.

Respected Sirs,

My wishes to Dr. M.G. Annadurai & A. Keasav. I learnt lecher antenna treatment from both of you, & doing my practice successfully.  I am a traditional healer & Agathiya Aaruda astrologer, Magnified healer, Homoeopathic, Acupressure & Magneto therapist. I used to treat people to can’t be cured by any other medicine.   Usually, they are affected with Block magic & something.  I used cure the people with lecher antenna.  

1. When I check these patients for chakra & positive energy antenna doesn’t move.  Then I used power symbols to seven chakras then I keep the mass on the patient’s chakras saying mantras with sacking antenna front & back.  After that I shall check & confirm positive energy & chakra energy.  I cured them within five days with the integrated therapy.

2. The children who were affected by paralysis & Polio are due to the Pith Karma in their family.  For this I‘ll ask the antenna for remedies & ask the people to go to some particular temples. By this method I cured many people.  Young widows, the people who have no children, handicapped persons, delayed marriage, poverty- these all conditions are cured by the above method.

3. There is a Mari Amman temple in Mundoor near Palghat.  For the past three years female children between six to eighteen used are killed in that place.  This matter affected the temple & the environment.  Astrologers, Pandits came & they can’t do any remedies.  For these things the expense was about Rs.35.000/- but no improvement.  By god’s grace one person Mr.Rajan gave me the fees & sent me to attend your lecher antenna class.  With the guidance of lecher antenna I did the following remedies:  Pretha  Preethi, Eswar Preethi, Sri Krishna Preethi, Maha thila Homam, Bramma ratcha Preethi, Ganapathi Homam.  Now daily poojas & Homas are going on in the temple regularly.

4.  I gave treatment to Ms. Luzy Thomas in Pulicherry, for disc down & for burning sensation in two legs.  I used Lecher antenna combined with Reiki, Magneto therapy, Homoeopathy & Siddha for speedy recovery.  

5.  Mr. Narayanan Kutty, (Age 44), has four sisters.  One sister is deaf & dumb.  Three sisters did not get marriage yet.  He has an incurable disease.  So, his wife & children left him.  I treated him with lecher antenna, Agasthiya AArudam & Acupressure with only Rs.2000/- expense.  Now he is getting improved. 

6.  One Priest (Age 32), had accident two years before.  His kidney & Gall Bladder were affected.  I checked his Aadhara chakras with Lecher antenna & removed the blocks in the chakras by reiki healing through Lecher antenna.  The Priest is now alright & doing his great service.

7.  Three months before one carpenter came to me.  He is a drunkard.  His family left him he has mother of eighty two years old.   House is getting ruined.  With Lecher antenna I told them for some remedies.  He is now out of addiction.  His houses doing repaired his daughter got married within ninety days.

Like this Lecher antenna is doing many miracles.  We can’t bring the effects in words. 

Many people came to know about the treasures in the earth, but I told them that Lecher antenna won’t do such things.

You taught me how to make correction in Jothida sashthra, Vasthu sashthra, Ayurveda & Yoga sasthra with Lecher antenna.  I am very grateful to both of you for this service.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,
Dr. R. Ramaswamy,       


From:  Dr. Pon. Govindarajalu, ,                                                                                       Date: 18-08-2009
             (SECRETARY,  Mayiladuthurai  Nature Cure Centre ),
             REIKI  GRAND MASTER
             77, Ayyanar Kovil Street,  Kurainad,
             Mayiladuthurai -609 002.

Dear Sir,

Vanakkam.  My wishes to Dr. M.G. Annadurai & his son A. Keasav. I am very much thankful to the respectable  Dr. M.G. Annadurai  for the Lecher Antenna training conducted at T.Nagar.
 Daily I used to check the four corners of my house with 17.6 frequency   in Antenna, 12.0 frequency for cosmic power, 8.0 frequency for earth energy.  There was geopathic stress & blocks in my house.  I checked in antenna with many symbols & colours for  remedy. Lecher antenna advised me to keep pyramids below the ground level but I kept the pyramid three feets  below the ground level by imagination with reiki visual remarkably one man eighty days white washed my house and changed the house as a new one.  Normally it will need twenty people to clean the house.  I really wondered about the miracle of antenna.

We conducted Soorya yogam in our reiki home garden behind my house for ten days.  21% enjoyed the benefits with antenna the yogam  went steadily without any delay.  Antenna will give precaution alarms in our life if we are using it regularly.

My relative girl who is mentally retarded had gone out from her house.   In the family know one took any steps to search.   But without informing them I used to check with antenna and detected the exact place and day of her return.  As an wonder the antenna bring out the enormous cosmic energy.

During travel I check with antenna and complete the travel successfully without any delay.  The antenna is a travel friend and safety guard  for me.  It is also a philosopher and guide for me. 

In Thina Thanthi ( Daily news paper ) they reported the speech of mine about Lecher Antenna’s miracles in Aduthurai Nature Cure Centre.  Five reiki students took Lecher Antenna training from me who are not able to go to Chennai, and they are getting many benefits.

In nights snack came to the kitchen, pooja room & bath room with 13.0 frequency I removed the block energy.   Now the problem solved in this method I stopped the wolf also.

Dr. M.G. Annadurai & his son A. Keasav are bringing a great  revolution in  Alternative treatment method.  I pray cosmic maha sakthi reiki for the sack of both of them.  I greet them with all my heart.

Pon. Govindarajalu.
Mayiladuthurai Nature Cure Centre,
77, Ayyanar Kovil Street,
Kurainad, Mayiladuthurai-609 002.


Mrs. Jayalakhsmi, Mayiladuthurai

I got training from Mr. Pon. Govindarajalu, at Mayavaram on November 2008.  from that time I used antenna in my life regularly.   I asked the antenna for my important decision,  when can we do a particular thing, how long we have to do that and all.    I used to give treatment for our friends & relatives.  Lecher antenna became a loyal friend to me. 

R. K. Maria, Chennai.

My one year old daughter used to have a restless sleep one day.   She is crying throughout  the day .  My mom  gave treatment to her with antenna and made her sleep.  Here after my child used to say “Hello Antenna”  daily. 

Sinthia, Mayiladuthurai

I had a cyst in my harm hole.  I took allopathic treatment but it reoccurs often.  Mrs. Jayam gave treatment through antenna and now I am alright.  

Gnanasekaran, Mayiladuthurai

I am running a shop for three years but the income went downwards I took a decision to close the shop.  After Mayavaram Jayam  energized the shop with Lecher Antenna.  Now it is going on steadily.

Kamala, Chennai
Miracles of  Lecher antenna.

My  daughter  had a irregular period. Mayiladuthurai Jayalakshmi gave treatment with antenna and cured my daughter’s problem. 

Kamala Devi, Mayiladuthurai

The benefits of Lecher antenna

Mayiladuthurai Jayalakshmi gave treatment and  cured my severe body problems.

  1. Sri Priya, Mayiladuthurai


My left foot got swelling for about three days.  Allopathic medicine can’t cure it.  My mother jayalakshmi gave treatment with lecher antenna within three minutes the swelling had gone.  I am alright still now.

Kamala devi sampath, Mayiladuthurai

We had search  for   an alliance to my brother’s daughter for the past two years.  We can’t get any suitable one.  Mrs. Jayalakshmi  came to my house to check vasthu with lecher antenna and gave energy to my house.  Astonishingly the fifteenth day we got a good alliance and on 21-6-2009 she got married. 

Mr. Ramdass took traning from Mr. Pon. Govindarajalu,

Mr. Barathi dasan,
Agraharam, Mela Manganallur, Mayiladuthurai T.K.

Even though  I am rich I  have not peace of mind.  My wife’s health is getting worse even after allopathic treatment.  Only money waste. 

I approach my friend Mr. K. Ramdass.  He checked my house with lecher antenna.  He told that there are negativities in my house. He removed them with this antenna.  My wife got relief from her leg pain.  Now I am happy and stress free.  I asked about the marriage of my son.  He checked with antenna and told that my son will get married within three months.  As he told the engagement to place and the marriage will be in six months.

Thank you .

Uma rani,. M.,
W/o. Mr. Barathi dasan,
Agraharam, Mela Manganallur.

I had severe ankle pain for about three years.   I took allopathic treatment.  Pain relieved   at the time being.  But it reoccurs.   When I have to stand or walk for a long time the pain will be more. 

My husband friend Mr. K Ramdass gave treatment with lecher antenna five days very first I stopped my tablets.   After that I went to Pondicherry, I didn’t follow the treatment.  After that because of heavy strain I had my pain again slightly.  I took three days energy treatment this time.   Now for  about one month I didn’t   take any treatment.  I have no pain now itself.

Mr. Jayaraman,
Agraharam, Maruthuvancherry, Nannilam T.K.

I had no peace of mind.  I am an alcoholic.  Due to that habit my wife and children suffered lot I went to my Co-brother Mr. Ramdass.  He checked my house with lecher antenna and identified the negativities of my house.  He advised me as per the advised of antenna to keep pyramids in the entrance of my house.   Now I am coming out of my alcoholism slowly and having peace of mind.  I am sure that I will stop my liquor consumption.

            I get back pain due to the  small accident in cycle.  I asked Ramdass to give treatment with antenna  in telephone.  He gave treatment by teletherapy with antenna from his house.  Immediately they had gone.   Thanks to Lecher antenna.

J. Sumathi,   D/o.  Mr. Jayaraman,
Agraharam, Maruthuvancherry, Nannilam T.K.

I had ankle pain often.   I told my uncle  Mr. Ramdass about this. He gave me treatment with antenna.  Now I had no pain at all.  From that time if pain occurs I ‘ill call up my uncle by phone and will treat me with antenna  then the pain will gone up.

Mr. Karthigeyan,
Narasingam pettai, Thiruvidaimaruthur. T.K.

I got married before a year I have no peace of mind.   I told my friend Mr. Ramdass.  He checked my house with antenna and energized it.  Now I am living with my wife peaceful.  I solved all my debt problems.  I got the money with is getting late for above two years. Thanks to lecher antenna.

Mr. T. Baskaran,
Cell No. 9790821974,
1/47, Mandaiveli street, Medavakkam,
Chennai-600 100.

For the past twenty years I used to have negative thoughts continuously.  I used to torture my self with my unwanted thoughts. On july 2009 I explained this problem to Mr. Suresh, Ambattur thoroughly.  He checked me with Lecher antenna.  He opened all my chakras and energized them with tele therapy through Lecher antenna.   Before the treatment I always had a pressure when I was sleeping.   It traveled my forehead to top continuously.  With that pressure thoughts also went on simultaneously.  I won’t mine the external noise and all.   After treatment, now I have only a small pressure on my forehead.  Negative thoughts 80% has gone. Just unwanted thoughts are remaining.

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