Lecher Antenna Lecher Antenna Lecher Antenna
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» Benefits 

To identify the witchcraft & to remove it.

  » To identify the vaasthu defects & negative energy in the building.

  » To identify the exact treatment & medicine in all therapies.

  » To identify the blocked Acupuncture point.

  » For Precaution & Prevention of diseases.

  » To identify the obstacles in Career & Business.

  » To identify the negative energy in the electronic & electrical equipments
             Like television, computer, fridge, mobile phone etc.,

  » To identify the Positive & negative energy in the Precious & Semiprecious stones.

  » To identify the water flow in the earth.

  » To check the earth energy.

  » To bring co-ordination between the misunderstanding couples.

  » To identify the strength of the planets in Horoscope.

  » To identify chakra levels for REIKI & PRANIC HEALERS.

  » To improve the life style, peace & happiness in family.

Alternative Treatment

Alternative Treatment\
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