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Correcting The Living Place :

Prosperous life is depending upon their living place and environment. If there is any defect in these two places the person surviving there will be get unnecessary confusions, negative attitude, quarrels, misunderstanding in family, bad economic conditions & health condition. More over he will lose all his skills.

With Lecher Antenna we can identify the defects in our living place and environment and can rectify and energise them. We can treat ourselves with antenna.

Identifying The Body Defects :

The defects of our body organs can identify through Lecher Antenna. With antenna we can rectify the block and an energize our body. We can select the correct medicine and can give it orally or we can flow the energy of the medicines to the patient with antenna.

Measuring The Mind Level :

Depression mind it ill affect the improvement in our life. We can identify the depression with Lecher Antenna then we can heal the patient with selected therapy by Lecher antenna like (London Bach Medicine, Reiki symbols, Color therapy, Yanhtras & Others.

Checking The Product :

The things used by as in our daily life like cell phone, computer, TV, electronic goods, wooden things, Old things exist negative radiation. We can get the correct percentage exist from these things through Lecher Antenna. We can select the correct solution of symbols; colors to remove the radiation with Lecher Antenna and can apply them.


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